Tired of constantly adjusting your cryptocurrency trading scripts? If yes, there’s a way out — scenario templates. Just configure your templates once and then make only minor changes when you need them. Using the trading automation software Obolon9, you need not set up a scenario every time you want to trade your cryptocurrencies.

To understand how well crypto trading strategies work with Obolon9, let’s take a look at the scenarios and templates it offers.

Create Your Own Scenario Templates for Crypto Trading

Obolon9 Scenarios

With Obolon9, traders are able to customize scenario templates for cryptocurrency trading. Suppose you are a beginner and are looking for pre-configured strategies. In that case, you can use scripts that are classified into two categories: alerting-only scenarios and alerting-and-trading ones. With this crypto trading strategy tool, you can template any script on the platform by setting in advance the necessary parameters to run it at the right time.

Trade with Obolon9 Ready-to-Work Scenarios

These are automated scenarios on the platform: 

  • Alerting scenarios
    • Range Price Alerts: This feature comes in handy when you wish to know when an asset is trading in a specific price range. You will get notified of it by an alert.
    • Close Price Alert: It delivers the closing prices directly to your inbox or as an app notification to your smartphone.
    • Pivot Points Alerter: These are the price levels traders know in advance. It is important, as traders may make trading decisions around that level.
    • Candle Patterns: It is one of the technical trading tools that traders have been using for centuries. It notifies you to place the order once a candle pattern is identified for the asset under watch. These patterns are used to determine the price direction once completed.
  • Trading-and-alerting scenarios
    • Bands Monitor: This scenario allows you to monitor up to four bands. Get alerts when different averages cross or prices deviate from the middle to the upper or lower limit of the band.
    • Basic Trading Scenario: This is a simple alert that uses indicators such as the volume or price of the crypto you are trading.
    • Basic Trading Scenario with Safety Orders: This is a safer scenario than the basic trading one. This scenario can be prepared to hold the conditions of the market after reaching basic trading scenarios.
    • Conditional Market Order: It lets the trader set order triggers for assets based on their price movements. These can be interlinked to form chain algorithms, which then execute the series of orders the moment all defined conditions are met.
    • Horizontal Trading Channel: When an asset’s price has been within a particular range for quite some time, and during that time, a trader wants to trigger an order, this script is used. It is also known as sideways trading. 

Finally, there are additional customized scenarios for personalized and complex trades.

How to Set Up Your First Scenario on Obolon9

You need to follow these steps:

  • Choose a name for your scenario. It is preferred to use a name that reflects its associated asset and purpose.
  • Secondly, select a trading strategy either from the ready-to-use scripts or the customized ones. You can also import one from TradingView.
  • Then pick a trading platform and a pair you are planning to trade.
  • Set the parameters of your selected script you want to monitor.
  • Finally, click on the “Save and Start” button.

Create a Template with Obolon9

If you do not wish to set up scripts every time before trading, you can create templates based on the ready scripts. Customize the templates by setting the parameters in advance so you can run them at the right time. The benefit of creating the templates in advance is that a trader can enter all the data or only some of the parameters as they want. 

Following are the quick templates for running scripts:

  • Bands Monitor
  • Primarily specify the price to check crossing with levels.
  • Save the template, and set the parameters when you want to use them.
  • Pivot Points Alerter
  • Specify the type of pivot-point indicator.
  • Save the template, and when you want to use it, specify the parameters.
  • Candle Patterns
  • Select the patterns of interest.
  • Save and specify other parameters to use the template later.
  • Basic Trading Scenario
  • Under this template, specify the price entry, take profit, and stop loss.
  • Save, and select other parameters to use the template later.
  • Basic Trading Scenario with Safety Orders
  • Specify the market orders to enter, take profit, stop loss, and limit safety orders.
  • Save the template and specify the parameters whenever you want to use it.
  • Conditional Market Order
  • This template operates with three prices: Activation, Cancel, and Order.
  • Save it. Specify the parameters and use the template later.
  • Range Price Alerts
  • It specifies the minimum and maximum prices and generates alerts when the price has crossed any given level.
  • Save and specify other parameters to use the template later.
  • Horizontal Channel Trading
  • It specifies the prices: buy, sell, high stop loss, and low stop loss.
  • Save and set other parameters to use this template later.
  • Close Price Alert
  • Specify the price of interest.
  • Save and set the parameters to use the template later.

You can even run these templates from the mobile application on the Events page. 


Templates can make traders’ routines more efficient by offering premature preparation of scripts. Obolon9 offers important scenarios that make cryptocurrency trading easier by combining the manual with automated work and useful alerts. To use nine quick templates for scripts, you only need to register there. Finally, this tool locks in profits when it reaches a high and limits your losses.