Do you know what makes a person successful at cryptocurrency trading? The answer is executing the trade on time. But sitting in front of a computer for hours to get the best trade can get tiresome. We know how you feel, and that’s why today we are talking about an alternative tool that can help you achieve your investment results faster.

The tool is called range price alerts and it should be an essential part of your trading mechanism. Our discussion will include the definition of the tool, the advantages of using it, and a service that provides a reliable option for range price alerts. 

Let’s jump right into it!

Definition of Price Alert

Price alert is an automated notification for traders to keep track of cryptocurrency price changes. This tool helps a trader create a new buy or exit position on time. You will get the notification on your favorite network – email or mobile app. An alert received means a certain price level has been reached.

Features of Price Alerts

Price alerts are not a new concept. Before cryptocurrency, stock exchange markets had a history of using this tool. But gradually it became a part of cryptocurrency trading. The main function of price alerts is to set alerts or alarms by targeting a predetermined price. You can also track the price percentage changes or the 52-week price changes by using the tool. 

Advantages of Price Alerts

When talking about crypto price alerts, a number of benefits might grab your attention. Here are some of them:

  • Cryptocurrencies have a history of sudden price drops. Without an automated alarm, tracking the sharp decrease in crypto prices can be a tedious job. Price alerts make the work easier for you.
  • Traders with technical analysis knowledge must identify the support and resistance levels to enter a perfect trade. Fortunately, automated software can easily track the asset’s price levels for you using the price alert feature.
  • No one knows the breakout point of cryptocurrency. Price alerts can help you detect this without constant monitoring.

Introducing Obolon9

Obolon9 is a trading automation software that makes your trading experience better than previous manual operations. It is professional, software-based, and reliable for traders who want to make fewer errors and more profit. The good news is that you get more than automated alerts for market changes with this software. 

Obolon9 provides trading scenarios that can enhance your risk-taking ability. It asks you to set a script inside the platform. The tool automatically compares the market prices with the numbers (maximum price, minimum price, and price steps) you provided inside the script. The software has the ability to generate a notification based on your price ranges.

Obolon9 is a tool with pre-installed scenarios and strategies to make your trading experience enjoyable. You don’t need to worry about sudden price changes, economic announcements, market news, or quick price drops. Obolon9 does the job for you.

How Obolon9 Works: Detecting Range Prices 

Since Obolon9 is professional automated trading software, it uses the following conditions to help you make the best crypto trading decisions. Here’s how the software works to detect range prices:

  • When the price goes over or under a specific level an instant alert is generated. Traders can select both minimum and maximum price ranges and also the price steps.
  • The alert can be sent to the user’s mailbox. There are options for mobile app notifications too. Hence, users don’t need to work manually to detect changes in range prices.

Try Obolon9 to Find Range Price Alerts

If you are still in doubt about automated trading vs. manual trading, you can try Obolon9 before making a final decision. Let’s discover how you can set price alerts using the following steps:

  1. At first, Obolon9 will ask you to add and create a scenario. You will have to provide a title for it.
  2. There will be an option to select trading strategies or scripts. Choose the Range Price Alerts in the script cell. 
  3. You can now choose your favorite trading platform. For instance, if you want to trade on Binance, just use the drop-down field to choose it. The software will also ask you to find a crypto trading pair of your choice. 
  4. The next step involves setting up the parameters for the script. Choose Only Alert Mode from the selection panel. Since you are setting up a bot for price alerts you don’t have to set API keys. APIs are only required to carry out the trading execution orders. Select the checkbox “Terminate on strategy error” to get the most out of the bot.
  5. Then, select the bot’s interval. The bot will stay active within the time (minutes) specified in the field.
  6. The alert will not be complete without providing the three price requirements: maximum, minimum, and price steps. These are the parameters that the bot will monitor before executing any command. In the case of range price alerts, Obolon9 will generate an alert once your predefined price parameters are met.
  7. Finally, select the Save and Run button. Once you complete the process the scenario will instantly start working for you.


It’s quite interesting how technology is helping us give up manual trading operations to adopt better automated options. Price alert is a popular tool used by many traders in the cryptocurrency domain. These tools are reliable but still need a human factor. 

After reading this article you will be able to select a scenario in Obolon9 and set the parameters, such as interval and price. The range price alert will do the job by sending you notifications. If you complete the registration process, Obolon9 will provide you with a pro tool where you can start crypto trading right now.