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Custom Script: How to Add a TradingView Script

Algorithmic trading and trading scenarios are helpful when used wisely. But finding the right script for your particular crypto trading strategy can be quite a challenge. This is why many trading platforms include a custom script option for users who desire a more advanced and personalized trading script, like a TradingView script.

This article explains the essentials of a custom script, how scripts perform their functions, and where to create them.

Let’s take a closer look!

What Are Custom Scripts?

For trading scenarios and in algorithmic trading, custom scripts are essentially specific software instructions that run your trade order to your exact specifications. At the most fundamental level, all algorithmic trading scenarios are simply coded instructions done on a computer.

Although each trading scenario can perform its tasks in various ways depending on how they are computed, the end goal for all of them is to identify and enter profitable buying and selling positions in the financial market of your choice. If profit is unrealizable, a trading scenario also helps greatly mitigate your losses by exiting losing trades as fast as possible.

 The main coding instruction given to trading scenarios is usually centered on the following.

  • Entry rules (that signal when to go long or short)
  • Exit rules (that specify when to exit the current trading position)
  • Position sizing rules (that tell you just how much to buy or sell)

Custom Script Features

In web development, custom scripts are termed “software tweaks” that provide interactive features to your website. Similar to web development, trading scripts aid traders by allowing them to trade more efficiently.

Although there are different coding languages one can employ to automate trading scenarios, the most used and commonly preferred one is Pine Script. This is a coding language specifically created by TradingView to design scripts, customize trading strategies, and specifically build personal indicators and signals to an individual user’s satisfaction.

Trading View Bitcoin

Creating Custom Scripts with Obolon9 

To implement a particular crypto trading strategy, you need a specialized platform that can help you develop a custom script.

What Is Obolon9?

Obolon9 is a software-based professional automated trading platform designed to aid you in automating your trades. Obolon9 offers a trader a set of seven script-based trading tools (plus a customizable script) through an automated trading desk. By combining the flexibility of manual trading with the diligence and accuracy of programmed scenarios, it integrates the best of both worlds. 

The platform is free to use for 30 days. Also, there are monthly (GBP 9.99) and annual (GBP 99.9) subscriptions available in monthly payments. 

How Obolon9 Can Help Create a Custom Script

There are two ways to use custom scripts in Obolon9.

  • First, you can import custom scripts from TradingView on the Obolon9 platform. You can create your script and add it as well. It is important to note that the custom script should be written in Pine Script language, such as TradingView scripts. To do this, you need to use the “Add script” button on the Scripts page to add any script you want. 
  • Finally, you can also use the “Request a script” button as well. We will create it and add it for you. The strategy implements the ability to add a customized script. It eliminates the need to track prices, as they are delivered straight to your inbox or smartphone.

Discover Your New Custom Script with Obolon9

If you want to create a script on Obolon9 or add it from an external source, here is how to go about it.

Creating a custom script in Obolon9 is very easy and straightforward. Simply follow the steps listed below:

  • Click the “Add script” button.
  • Specify the script title.
  • Add the script code.
  • Click the “Save” button.
  • The script will be private.

Here’s how to import a script:

  • Click the “Add script” button.
  • Click the “Import from TV” button.
  • Add the script link from TradingView.
  • Click the “Get code” button.
  • Click the “Save” button.
  • The script will be public.

If you cannot properly design a custom script or need something more advanced, you can contact the developers with your specific requirements for further help. Here is how to go about it:

  • Click the “Request a script” button.
  • Click the “Contact us” button.
  • Send a request via email or the contact form.


If you have a unique idea for your trading scenario or want to improve an existing script, then creating a custom script is the best option for you. Obolon9 is capable of doing this. With the platform, you can create your own custom script or import your TradingView script onto the platform. All you need to do is set parameters indicating what you want your trading scenario to do. 

After signing up and setting up your desk, Obolon9 will provide traders with professional tools that will aid your trading strategies for cryptocurrency.


How to Use Horizontal Channel Trading

Are you tired of manual crypto trading and constant market monitoring? If so, this article is for you. With the help of trading automation software, you can achieve better results with less effort. But is it possible to execute automated trading orders by targeting pricing ranges for cryptocurrencies? Yes, this is quite possible, and a horizontal channel trading scenario can be a useful tool for achieving that.

Let’s dive into the definition of horizontal channel trading and a platform where you can find it. After reading this article, you will be able to target better returns from your cryptocurrency trades using horizontal channels.

Definition of Horizontal Channel Trading

A horizontal channel, also known as the price range, is a trendline that creates a horizontal connection between the pivot highs and pivot lows of a crypto price. It produces a flat trend line during a certain trading period. By keeping an eye on the horizontal channels, traders can easily trace the resistance and support channels of the asset price and recognize possible future price breakouts. Since it only creates a sideways line, it is also called a sideways trend.

Other Types of Channel Trading

  • Ascending Channel: This is a trading channel that shows an upward trend with the resistance and support lines sloping upwards. It has other names, like bullish price channel and rising channel. Traders can easily identify this channel and take long positions within the trendline. But the positions should be taken within the parallel trend lines to minimize risk.
  • Descending Channel: A descending channel is another trendline where the parallel lines are showing a downward trend. The other name of the channel is the bearish price channel trading pattern. In this pattern, a connection can be drawn using the lower highs and lower lows of the digital asset. The market shows a descending channel as long as the assets follow the downward trend. When the prices break the descending resistance line it starts a new channel or pattern for the asset. 

Creating a Horizontal Channel Trading Scenario with Obolon9

Horizontal channel trading is used to improve cryptocurrency trading. So, the next step is to find an automated trading platform to create the horizontal channel trading scenario.

What Is the Obolon9 Platform?

Obolon9 is automated software with script-based tools and crypto trading strategies designed to increase trading accuracy. At the same time, it has multiple trading scenarios to reduce the chances of failure.

Currently, you can avail of a free 30-day plan for basic usage if you subscribe to this platform. With this subscription plan, you can easily create scripts and alerts to make cryptocurrency trading easier and more profitable. Also, you have the option to choose from plans like monthly (GBP 9.99) and annual (GBP 99.9) with monthly payments.

How Obolon9 Horizontal Channel Trading Scenarios Work

Creating a horizontal channel trading scenario at Obolon9 is very easy. You have to follow a step-by-step process to create the horizontal channel strategy. 

Obolon9 will target the following four prices to create the horizontal channel strategy:

  1. High the price
  2. Low the price
  3. Low stop-loss 
  4. High stop-loss

Once the parameters are set, the scenario will automatically buy assets when the price is low and sell assets when the price is high. This process works continuously. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend hours monitoring manually since you will get automated alerts for price changes. The software can easily send alerts to your smartphone or inbox to make the experience better. 

But what happens when the prices cross your high stop-loss or low stop-loss? Here’s what happens:

  • If the high stop-loss is crossed, then the quote currency is spent by the market price. Here, the quoted currency is USD if you are trading BTC-USD.
  • When the price breaks the low stop-loss, the base currency is sold automatically. The base currency is ETH if you are trading ETH-BTC. However, the volume of the base currency should be positive, or negative if you want to sell.

Discovering the New Obolon9 Horizontal Channel Trading Scenario 

After finding a reliable platform to start your horizontal channel trading, it’s time to discover how to use it in easy steps: 

  • At first, Obolon9 will ask you to create a name for the horizontal channel scenario.
  • Select the script “Horizontal channel trading” from the dropdown menu.
  • Find the market or trading platform and your desired currency pair.
  • Select the parameters from the Market API keys “Only alert mode (w/o trading).”
  • Enter your trading volume. 
  • Create instructions for other parameters, like buy price, sell price, high stop-loss price, and low stop-loss price.
  • Finish with the “Save and Start” button.

Wrap Up

To conclude, a horizontal channel is a great tool to find new investment targets and make profits using trading trendlines. It helps crypto traders identify trader sentiment, past ranges of trading, and profit possibility in the next trading period. So, having a dedicated tool to automate and take advantage of the horizontal channel trading scenario can be helpful to traders.

The Obolon9 platform is trading automation software to make horizontal channel trading easy. Using Obolon9, you just need to create parameters for the scenario. The software will automatically follow the parameters for the best use of the scenario. You can also use the Start Free Trial option after the registration process. Just set the simple settings and you can start using the professional trading tool.

Basic Trading Scenario with Safety Orders: How To Create Safety Orders

Many people leave behind potential profit from cryptocurrency trades since they use manual and inefficient tools. If traders replace the traditional tools with automated ones, they could save a lot of time and expense while growing their earnings. 

This is where the concept of using safety orders can become a profitable automation tool for you. Furthermore, you can use safety orders to build up basic trading scenarios and achieve your investment goal quickly. This article covers the definition of a basic trading scenario with safety orders, its basic features, and how to create one for yourself. 

Let’s get started!

Defining the Basic Trading Scenario with Safety Orders

This is the strategy with instructions from the investor to execute buy or sell orders at a predetermined price. It provides different market orders to protect the trader from any market drops. When the parameters are met, the automated safety order takes immediate action. Let’s talk about some basic market orders under the basic trading scenario.

Types of Orders for Basic Trading Scenarios

  • Safety Orders: A safety order is an automation tool that helps traders average their entry positions and take maximum profits during a certain market condition. Safety orders are useful when the market unexpectedly goes down. It allows you to make a profit without even recovering the full price of your digital asset. The process is done by a scenario that creates more entry positions on a falling price. The average entry price goes down, and traders exit with profits.
  • Take-Profit Orders: A take-profit order(T/P) is a market instruction to brokers from the trader to exit from a position when a certain profit level is achieved. However, take-profits only work when the crypto price goes up to the profit level. If the price remains below the T/P limit, it won’t work.
  • Stop-Loss Orders: A stop-loss order is the crypto trading strategy to create market orders when the price drops below the instructed price. This automation tool helps the investor stop further losses from a price drop by executing automatic actions at the next available price.

Basic Trading Scenarios on the Obolon9 Platform

After studying market orders like safety, take-profit, and stop-loss, it’s obvious that they can significantly improve your trades. Therefore, the next thing to do is find trading automation software to create a basic trading scenario. 

Introducing Obolon9

Obolon9 is a software-based professional trading tool for cryptocurrency auto trading. This software enables users to replace manual trading processes with new automated tools for optimized trading performance. As a result, traders can easily test trading scenarios with the right strategies. This also significantly reduces the risk of a trade.

Obolon9 offers multiple subscription plans with a 30-day free basic usage. Creating automated scripts and alerts is very easy in Obolon9, and the free plan also has one fully functional scenario for you. However, you can also choose from the monthly (GBP 9.99) or annual (GBP 99.9) plans. These subscription plans are available with monthly payments.

How the Obolon9 Basic Trading Scenario with Safety Orders Works

Now it’s time to understand what safety orders are under the basic trading scenario and how they work in Obolon9. 

They are a strategy inside the Obolon9 platform that can be used during a market drop. The software automatically deploys safety orders to take profits even before the exit. Obolon9 is so efficient that it sends alerts to your mobile or email inbox; hence, tracking pivot points manually becomes really unnecessary.

Here’s a summary of how basic trading scenarios and safety orders work on the platform:

  • At first, the user must create the basic trading scenario after completing Obolon9 registration.
  • Next, a scenario will be deployed by the software, where it will stay inactive until the market drops and the price reaches the level of entry. The scenario will start creating market orders (entries and exits) to average the entry position. 
  • If the price falls to the stop-loss level, then the Obolon9 scenario will get deactivated. But if the price goes up to the profit level, the scenario automatically creates a trailing-stop limit. The advantage of a trailing-stop strategy is that you get maximum profit despite a price drop. 
  • Finally, you set an arbitrary number for safety orders inside the software so that maximum profit is achieved.

Discover Your New Basic Trading Scenario with Safety Orders on Obolon9

Here are the easy steps to set up the new basic trading scenario with safety orders on the Obolon9 platform. 

  • Start with the name or title of the scenario in Obolon9.
  • Add a script Basic trading scenario.
  • Select your desired market. Also, you must select the currency pairs of your choice.
  • Set the parameters Only alert mode.
  • The software will ask you to set timescales in minutes.
  • Set the trading volume, entry price, take-profit order, and trailing-stop.
  • Enter safety order parameters like volume, numbers of orders, stop-loss percentage, and martingale ratio.
  • Use the Save and Start button to finish the scenario.


In conclusion, we have found the importance of using basic trading scenarios and automated market orders for making more profit with less manual labor. You can easily set scripts with safety orders to save your money from a price drop. 

We have found Obolon9 to be one of the best choices in crypto trading automation. The platform supports a free 30-day trial for creating automated scripts. Once you are confident with the platform, you can start using professional tools simply by following the subscription process and a few simple settings.

Basic Trading Scenario: How It Works

In terms of efficiency, an automated system always supersedes a manually controlled one in all activities, including cryptocurrency trading. The reasons for this superiority are obvious, namely the absence of fatigue, concentration loss, or the desire to do something else instead of spending time studying the market. The availability and correct use of auto crypto trading apps for basic trading scenarios are likely to significantly improve the potential profit ratio.

This article explains the essentials of basic trading scenarios and considers a reliable crypto-trading automated service that’ll let you make successful deals.

What Is a Basic Trading Scenario?

This is a strategy programmed by a trader with instructions to issue buy/sell orders at a set time. This scenario offers several market orders to protect the trader from price drops.

Types of Orders for Basic Trading Scenarios

  • The Limit Order: This order is used to buy or sell a cryptocurrency at a specified or more profitable price. It is categorized into two types: the buy limit order and the sell limit order. The buy limit is a standing order that permits the execution of purchase only if its price falls to or below the limit you’ve chosen. In contrast, the sell limit order is set up to permit a sale deal if the price of the crypto rises to or above a particular amount. 
  • The Take-profit (T/P) Order: This setup fixes a price that a cryptocurrency must reach before a deal is closed out. The T/P order doesn’t fulfill until the selected coin reaches the fixed price limit.
  • The Stop-loss Order: The stop-loss order is used to sell or purchase the crypto once it reaches a certain price. This mechanism is put in place to cut down on losses and is different from the stop-limit order. It helps ensure investors don’t lose excessively on nose-diving coins. For instance, if you buy an altcoin and set the stop-loss order at 12% below the purchase price, the order will sell the coin at the next available price if the price undergoes a negative 12% change. 

Create a Basic Trading Scenario on Obolon9

If you’re excited after learning about the limit, take-profit, and stop-loss orders, there’s a good chance you’re eager to create your basic trading scenario. Therefore, you will need a trading automation service.

What Is Obolon9?

Obolon9 is automated professional trading software that helps investors make better trading decisions. It improves and simplifies your decision-making responsibility by keeping hawkeye surveillance on your assets 24/7 and notifying you immediately when prices reach the limits you’ve set. The service combines automated tracking with manual decision-making, combining the best of both worlds.

The application allows for trading in multiple scenarios using various crypto trading strategies to diversify and personalize your choices. Users can enjoy free service usage for their first 30 days before deciding whether to become a monthly (£9.99) or annual (£99.9) subscriber.  

How the Obolon9 Basic Trading Scenario Works

The Obolon9 basic trading scenario is the simplest script among the numerous options on the service. It concerns itself with only three orders: limit, take-profit, and stop-loss. Courtesy of this script, investors are relieved of constantly tracking pivot points, as they receive immediate alerts on relevant price changes directly on their mobile phones.

Here’s how the Obolon9 Basic Trading Scenario script works:

  • Before the session starts, the software verifies whether the current asset price lies between the stop-loss and entry prices. If so, the scenario sets a limit order according to the given volume at the entry price level. Otherwise, the scenario waits until the asset’s close price is between the stop-loss and enter prices. When this finally happens, the script closes the deal if the levels of take-profit or stop-loss are crossed or touched. 
  • Note: The asset’s close price has to go above the take-profit price or fall below the stop-loss price limit for the order to execute.
  • Instance 1: You want to buy three units of a coin at $15 and realize a profit of $20, but you are also keen to limit potential risks and lose only a dollar if the coin disappoints.
  • Solution: To do this, you open the Obolon9 software, select the Basic Trading Scenario strategy, set the volume to 3 (positive value), and enter the price at $15, take-profit at $20, and stop-loss at $14. Run the software and get to whatever activity you deem fit until you receive an alert from the app.
  • Instance 2: You want to sell four units of a coin for $20 and repurchase the units for $15, but you also want to limit risks by setting a stop-loss at $21. 
  • Solution: Choose a scenario, select the Basic Trading Scenario strategy, set volume to -3, and enter the price at $20, take-profit at $15, and stop-loss at $21. Open the deal and get busy with something else. 

Steps to Start Your Obolon9 Basic Trading Scenario

Below are the brief steps to set up the basic trading scenario on Obolon9:

  • Make up a name for your scenario.
  • Select the trading script: Basic Trading Scenario.
  • Choose out of the available trading platforms and a pair of currencies you want to trade.
  • Fix the parameters of the script you’ve selected.
  • Specify the minutes for the interval of work.
  • Set the volume, which is the amount of the base asset to purchase or sell. 
  • Enter your desired prices: entry, take-profit, and stop-loss. 
  • Select the “Save and Start” option to begin your trading. 

Final Thoughts

Auto crypto trading apps are unarguably preferable to manual actions. With reliable software that can efficiently perform your trading duties, making smart decisions and more profits in cryptocurrency trading has become considerably easier for traders. This assistance has eliminated the need to be a full-time cryptocurrency trader.

Obolon9 operates an automated crypto trading algorithm. It provides users with various trading scripts they may be interested in. In addition, it gives traders the appropriate pointers and, most importantly, ensures trading decisions are right when they matter. 


Conditional Market Orders: Should You Use Them?

Being a crypto trader means that you have very little room to make wrong decisions. Every decision that you make while trading will either result in profit or loss. We know how it feels, so we’ve introduced a strategy that helps traders minimize the risk of loss – a conditional market order. 

This article will talk about this trading strategy, the basics around it, and an example of a service that provides automated market orders. 

Let’s take a closer look!

Defining Conditional Orders

This is an advanced crypto trading strategy where a trader presets a trigger price as an activation. This order is only triggered after the market has met the set price or conditions. For instance, the trade will go through if a trader presets an order at a particular price and it will be reached. 

There are different factors that should be used as the basis for a conditional order, depending on each trader. Some of these include the mark price, index price, and last traded price.

A conditional order is usually inactive so it doesn’t require imposing a margin. It’s activated once the preset market conditions are reached and the margin is requested immediately. If you don’t have a sufficiently available margin, it will be rejected.

Features of Conditional Orders

There are different types of conditional orders; the limit order is the most common. This type of trading is carried out only at your predetermined fixed price. However, other conditions may also exist, independent of the price, for example, the time-in-force (the time for enforcing the order). 

Why You Should Trade with a Conditional Order

To deal with a conditional order, you need to look at what advantages it can provide:

  • Confident Trading: The primary benefit of a conditional order is that traders can plan their trades ahead of time. With a good trading plan comes the confidence to trade well and make a profit. 
  • Market Monitoring: This ensures that you don’t have to stay up all night to monitor market movements.
  • Minimal Loss: At some point, every trade would have to hold on to a losing position hoping that it changes at the last minute. Traders will be hoping that their decision pays off well at some point. The reality in trading is that you may lose some money, but conditional orders ensure that you can minimize these losses by executing a trade at the right moment.
  • More Self-Control: Using the conditional order allows traders to study both winning and losing positions objectively before making trading decisions. This allows you to be more analytical than emotional while trading. So traders learn to trade while keeping their emotions in check.

Now that you know the specifics of the conditional order and its advantages, let’s take a look at a platform on which you can find this tool. 

Introduction to Obolon9

Obolon9 is a professional automated trading software that provides users with automated scenarios. This tool improves the manual trading experience and helps traders make more profit.

Obolon9 has an automated trading desk that gives traders a wide range of script-based trading tools. This tool runs different scenarios and strategies to minimize risks. It’s a reliable tool that ensures that traders are able to use the merits of both manual and automated trading. Manual trading offers some flexibility while the use of tools, such as Obolon9, adds diligence and accuracy to the trading experience to maximize the trader’s profit.

However, it is essential to remember that the tool does not take away your human presence. It doesn’t replace your work as a trader. It combines automated trading vs. manual trading to help you make better decisions, maximize profit and minimize loss.

The service is free for the first month, thereafter it costs GBP 9.99 per month or GBP 99.9 per year.

How Obolon9 Works: Conditional Market Orders 

When you use this trading strategy on Obolon9, there are three price levels: the cancel, activation, and order price. Once it starts, the software waits for prices to go over the activation level. If the price crosses the order price level first, then it’ll carry out the market order for volume before finishing.

However, if the price crosses the cancel price first, the strategy will finish and not take any action.

Also, there wouldn’t be any more need for tracking the range prices because the price is delivered to you. You will get a notification from the app on your mobile device and in your inbox.

Discover Obolon9 Conditional Market Order

You can create an ideal conditional market order scenario for yourself using this trading automation software. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Create a name for the scenario.
  • Decide on the trading strategy (conditional market order).
  • Choose the trading platform and decide on a pair to trade.
  • Set the parameters for the script that’s been selected to use.
  • State the work time interval precisely. Make sure to use minutes.
  • Select the price of interest. This can either be a cancel, order, or activation price.
  • Determine the order volume to sell or buy.
  • Click on the Save and Start button.

This whole process is simple and straightforward. You will receive a notification that your scenario is up and running.

The Bottom Line

The ability to minimize trading losses is a primary benefit of the conditional market order which makes this strategy very appealing to crypto traders. With a tool like Obolon9, you can effectively take advantage of the conditional market order. 

Obolon9 is the one tool you can use for all your automated market orders. To start trading you need to create a scenario with the parameters. Once you register, you’ll get a pro tool that will always notify you and help you trade cryptocurrency better.

Range Price Alerts: Should You Use Crypto Price Alerts?

Do you know what makes a person successful at cryptocurrency trading? The answer is executing the trade on time. But sitting in front of a computer for hours to get the best trade can get tiresome. We know how you feel, and that’s why today we are talking about an alternative tool that can help you achieve your investment results faster.

The tool is called range price alerts and it should be an essential part of your trading mechanism. Our discussion will include the definition of the tool, the advantages of using it, and a service that provides a reliable option for range price alerts. 

Let’s jump right into it!

Definition of Price Alert

Price alert is an automated notification for traders to keep track of cryptocurrency price changes. This tool helps a trader create a new buy or exit position on time. You will get the notification on your favorite network – email or mobile app. An alert received means a certain price level has been reached.

Features of Price Alerts

Price alerts are not a new concept. Before cryptocurrency, stock exchange markets had a history of using this tool. But gradually it became a part of cryptocurrency trading. The main function of price alerts is to set alerts or alarms by targeting a predetermined price. You can also track the price percentage changes or the 52-week price changes by using the tool. 

Advantages of Price Alerts

When talking about crypto price alerts, a number of benefits might grab your attention. Here are some of them:

  • Cryptocurrencies have a history of sudden price drops. Without an automated alarm, tracking the sharp decrease in crypto prices can be a tedious job. Price alerts make the work easier for you.
  • Traders with technical analysis knowledge must identify the support and resistance levels to enter a perfect trade. Fortunately, automated software can easily track the asset’s price levels for you using the price alert feature.
  • No one knows the breakout point of cryptocurrency. Price alerts can help you detect this without constant monitoring.

Introducing Obolon9

Obolon9 is a trading automation software that makes your trading experience better than previous manual operations. It is professional, software-based, and reliable for traders who want to make fewer errors and more profit. The good news is that you get more than automated alerts for market changes with this software. 

Obolon9 provides trading scenarios that can enhance your risk-taking ability. It asks you to set a script inside the platform. The tool automatically compares the market prices with the numbers (maximum price, minimum price, and price steps) you provided inside the script. The software has the ability to generate a notification based on your price ranges.

Obolon9 is a tool with pre-installed scenarios and strategies to make your trading experience enjoyable. You don’t need to worry about sudden price changes, economic announcements, market news, or quick price drops. Obolon9 does the job for you.

How Obolon9 Works: Detecting Range Prices 

Since Obolon9 is professional automated trading software, it uses the following conditions to help you make the best crypto trading decisions. Here’s how the software works to detect range prices:

  • When the price goes over or under a specific level an instant alert is generated. Traders can select both minimum and maximum price ranges and also the price steps.
  • The alert can be sent to the user’s mailbox. There are options for mobile app notifications too. Hence, users don’t need to work manually to detect changes in range prices.

Try Obolon9 to Find Range Price Alerts

If you are still in doubt about automated trading vs. manual trading, you can try Obolon9 before making a final decision. Let’s discover how you can set price alerts using the following steps:

  1. At first, Obolon9 will ask you to add and create a scenario. You will have to provide a title for it.
  2. There will be an option to select trading strategies or scripts. Choose the Range Price Alerts in the script cell. 
  3. You can now choose your favorite trading platform. For instance, if you want to trade on Binance, just use the drop-down field to choose it. The software will also ask you to find a crypto trading pair of your choice. 
  4. The next step involves setting up the parameters for the script. Choose Only Alert Mode from the selection panel. Since you are setting up a bot for price alerts you don’t have to set API keys. APIs are only required to carry out the trading execution orders. Select the checkbox “Terminate on strategy error” to get the most out of the bot.
  5. Then, select the bot’s interval. The bot will stay active within the time (minutes) specified in the field.
  6. The alert will not be complete without providing the three price requirements: maximum, minimum, and price steps. These are the parameters that the bot will monitor before executing any command. In the case of range price alerts, Obolon9 will generate an alert once your predefined price parameters are met.
  7. Finally, select the Save and Run button. Once you complete the process the scenario will instantly start working for you.


It’s quite interesting how technology is helping us give up manual trading operations to adopt better automated options. Price alert is a popular tool used by many traders in the cryptocurrency domain. These tools are reliable but still need a human factor. 

After reading this article you will be able to select a scenario in Obolon9 and set the parameters, such as interval and price. The range price alert will do the job by sending you notifications. If you complete the registration process, Obolon9 will provide you with a pro tool where you can start crypto trading right now.


How Close Price Alerts Will Improve Your Cryptocurrency Trading

The major reason why a lot of crypto traders are struggling in the market is their inability to make decisions at the right time. For example, many fail to close their positions at periods when they are profitable. In many cases, this is due to the unpredictable and fast-flowing nature of the market, rather than the technical skills of the trader.

As a result, a lot of traders miss out on a lot of profitable opportunities every day. 

In this article, we are going to be talking about a close price alert, a tool that will provide traders with live updates on the state of the market, the closing prices of coins, and some other trading information.

Let’s take a closer look!

Defining a Price Alert and a Close Price

What Is a Price Alert?

A price alert is an online tool designed to notify traders of changes in the price of crypto assets. It helps traders remain in tune with the market by informing them when a specified buy or sell price is reached. Usually, traders receive an email or an instant message in an application.

For example, let’s say a trader bought a coin for $7,000 and would like to sell it for $10,000. If the trader sets a price alert, he/she will be notified immediately when the coin hits the $10,000 mark. 

What Is a Close Price?

A close price in traditional markets is defined as the last transacted price of a security or asset before the market officially packs up shop for trading. It signals traders to changes in the price of an asset at the end of each consecutive trading day.

Although the crypto market is a 24/7 place and hence has no official closing or opening hours, a close price alert can be computed by simply comparing the current market price to the price of a given cryptocurrency asset within the past 24 hours or any time frame you consider relevant.

Why You Should Use Price Alerts

There are several advantages to using price alerts

  • For starters, they are useful when it comes to detecting if and when the prices of chosen crypto assets drop. With a price alert, users don’t have to be glued to their smartphones, checking the current price status of crypto assets. Rather than staying glued to cryptocurrency platforms or searching the internet for information, price alerts bring the news to you.
  • What’s more, with price alerts, traders will become aware when chosen coins hit support and resistance levels. The support level is when a downtrend ceases because of the increased demand for a cryptocurrency. Resistance is when everyone sells coins, causing the reverse of an uptrend.

Now that we know the principles of a price alert and its benefits, let’s take a look at a specific platform that offers this tool. 

What Is Obolon9?

Obolon9 is a software-based professional automated trading desk designed to help traders automate their trades. 

That is to say, the software enables traders to track changes in the close prices of any cryptocurrency across any specified timeframe, and it notifies the trader accordingly. The software also has the ability to run multiple scenarios with different strategies, as needed.

Obolon9 monitors trading markets 24/7, allowing its users to fully trust their scenarios. It can execute complex scenarios, while most platforms out there offer a limited quantity of order types, such as limit, cover, market orders, etc. 

In addition, Obolon9 offers a profitable subscription option of £9.99 and provides full monthly access. Also, there’s an annual subscription for just £99.9, which is a significant discount. 

What Is the Obolon9 Close Price Alert?

This is a trading automation tool of the Obolon9 platform that determines when the price of an asset crosses the set price of the trader. This instrument alerts the user with instant notifications on their smartphone that the price was reached and it’s ready to close. Thus, traders don’t need to track the closing prices.

The software, with its flexibility of manual trading and accuracy, provides traders with the latest information as it arrives.  

Crypto Analytics

Discover Your New Obolon9 Close Price Alert

Obolon9 provides traders with easy settings for their automated trades. To set up a close price alert, first you have to visit the official website and follow the next steps. 

  1. Sign up: The sign-up process on Obolon9 is quick and straightforward. Fill in your email and create a password. 
  2. Verify Your Account and Choose a Scenario: Check your email and verify your account. After that, go to the Scenarios page and create a trading scenario. Give it a name and go to step three. 
  3. Choose the Trading Strategy, Pair, and Platform: Select Close Price Alert as your preferred option. Then you will see an option to select the trading platform and the cryptocurrency pairs you want to trade. 
  4. Parameter Settings: Here the trading parameter refers to the variables in your bid like ask prices, cryptocurrency quantity, market offset, time interval, etc. 
  5. Save and Start: Double-check the information to be sure you filled it out correctly. Click the Save and Start button to initiate the scenario. 

And then the scenario is up and running, ready to serve you! You will receive a notification the millisecond your specified parameters are fulfilled.

Final Word

Finally, you know how price alerts and close price alerts work and how to set the desired parameters on them. A lot of traders have found these indicators to be immensely helpful tools, ones that greatly aid their trading, especially when automated. These easily set users above other traders, giving them a clearer edge.

Moreover, Obolon9, an automated trading desk, relieves traders of the responsibility of being accurate and diligent with the cryptocurrency news that affects decisions while also ensuring that the trader has the final say on the crypto assets.

What You Need to Know About Candlestick Pattern Detection 

As a cryptocurrency trader, you need to use all the tools at your disposal to make smart trading decisions. 

This article will show you how to use candlestick pattern detection to take advantage of entry and exit signals. It will also show you how to use the automated trading desk Obolon9 to identify candlestick patterns and receive price alerts

What Is a Candlestick Pattern and Detector? 

Candlestick patterns and candlestick detectors are two different things, but they are often confused. So, let’s find out the difference!

What Is a Candlestick Pattern? 

Candlestick patterns are visible triangular-shaped signals on price charts that represent the price action in the market. 

Trading Technical Analysis

A candlestick pattern tells you when the market is bullish or bearish. The market is said to be bullish when the price of a cryptocurrency is increasing and bearish when prices are dropping. 

These patterns are calculated based on the opening, current, and closing prices of assets. 

Candlestick patterns aren’t new or used only in the cryptocurrency industry. They have been used by traders of other financial instruments for years. 

What Is a Candlestick Detector?

A candlestick detector is an automated tool that detects and interprets candlestick patterns for traders. It’s not always easy for a trader to detect and interpret candlestick patterns manually. So, candlestick pattern detectors were designed to help traders identify trading opportunities automatically. The candlestick detectors send close price alerts and crypto price alerts to traders. 

Why Is a Candlestick Pattern Detector Useful?

With candlestick pattern detectors, you will know if the market is strong or weak without manually studying the price of each asset. These detectors pull out information from different sources and price frames. They use colors and patterns to graphically illustrate the following signals.

  • Entry Signals: As the name implies, an entry signal is a price alert that tells traders the best time to enter the market. It tells you the best time to trade for maximizing profit. 
  • Exit Signals: Exit signals are the opposite of entry signals. They are a close price alert that lets you know when it’s time to end the trade. You may receive an exit signal from an automated trading software when the market is becoming bearish and it’s time to cut your losses before it’s too late. 

How Obolon9 Can Help to Detect Candlestick Patterns

Obolon9 is an automated trading desk that makes cryptocurrency trading easier, even for beginners. While it doesn’t replace the hard work of a human trader, it simplifies the process through automation. 

The software was designed specifically for cryptocurrency traders who want to minimize risk and trade on the go. Obolon9 collects data from different sources to run multiple scenarios at the same time based on algorithms. 

Obolon9 is one of the best in quality among industry trading platforms, and at the same time, it’s affordable. You will only have to pay a token of 9.99 £ for a full month’s access. To enjoy a discount, you can subscribe yearly for just 99.9 £. You can start with a 30-day free trial and pay only after the first month.

What Is the Obolon9 Candlestick Pattern Detector?

The Obolon9 candlestick pattern detector is a state-of-the-art algotrading strategy that automatically identifies candlestick patterns and sends you a price alert when it’s an ideal time to trade or stop trading an asset. All you have to do is select the cryptocurrencies you want to watch, and you will be notified accordingly. 

The Obolon9 candlestick algorithm identifies 12 different candlestick patterns, which is a major step up from other tools that only identify three to five at a time. 

Discover Your New Candlestick Pattern Detector with the Obolon9 Alerting Scenario 

With Obolon9 it is easy to set up the parameters for your automated trades or indicators. To set up the candlestick price alert with Obolon9, all you have to do is visit the official website and follow the steps below. 

  1. Sign up on Obolon9: The sign-up process for this professional automated trading platform is easy and straightforward. It is also affordable compared to other automated scenarios out there. However, you can start with the demo account or try it free for 30 days before you commit. 
  2. Verify Your Account and Choose a Scenario: You’ll need to verify your account by clicking the link in your email. After that, go to the Scenarios page and create a trading scenario. Give your scenario a name and proceed to step three. 
  3. Choose the Trading Strategy, Platform, and Pair: Choose Candlestick Pattern Script as your preferred option. After that, you should see an option to select the platform for the trade and the cryptocurrency pairs you want to trade. 
  4. Set the Parameters: Your trading parameter refers to the variables in your bid like ask prices, market offset, cryptocurrency quantity, time interval, and other valuable information. 
  5. Save and Start: Crosscheck the information to be sure you got it right. Click on Save and Start to initiate the scenario. 

Candle Pattern Premium Statistics

If you have paid subscription on your account, you can write to us for premium statistics. We will share with you the real numbers of every candle spotted in a couple of months. It shows the effectiveness of every candle detection.

How is it helpful?

First of all, with these statistics, you can understand that some candles have been spotted with near 100% accuracy. You can plan your trades more accurately if you know that this candle was detected without any problems.

How can I get these statistics?

You need to have an active paid subscription on your account. Contact us in any convenient way and ask about candle pattern statistics. That’s all you need to do!


Candlestick patterns were invented many years ago. Today, these patterns are still useful in predicting the price movement of financial instruments across industries. When studied carefully, candlestick patterns can help you understand the driving forces of the market and use them to your benefit. 

No matter how experienced you are, monitoring different assets all at once is time-consuming and challenging, especially when you have other activities. 

With an automated trading desk like Obolon9, you don’t need to manually monitor the market to get trading insights all the time. In less than five minutes, you can create an account and set up scenarios. It will automatically detect price patterns and help you make good trading decisions.

What is Obolon9?

Obolon9 Crypto Trading

The crypto-asset market is a relatively new domain that has yet to go mainstream. Unlike traditional stock markets, it does not enforce strict regulations and verification to start trading. That’s why it attracts traders offering lucrative returns in a short time. We can observe the rocketing market cap of cryptocurrencies from USD 5.54 billion in 2014 to USD 2 trillion (as of April 5, 2021) currently. No wonder that it is becoming increasingly difficult for traders to keep track of important events affecting cryptocurrency market fluctuations and fast trades. Several trading platforms have been created to help traders stay focused on the crypto market and trade successfully.

The Challenges of Crypto Trading

Despite the many profitable aspects of crypto trading, traders, especially beginners, should be attentive. Crypto trading is a challenging, high-stakes game where wealth can disappear as fast as it is made. 

Trading Changes Quickly

Prices can fluctuate to extremes in a matter of minutes. Trade continues around the clock and traders cannot track all the volatility manually. For example, Bitcoin has risen by 65% in one day and fallen 25% in another. Imagine how extremely alert a trader has to be each minute of the day.

Can’t Be Constantly Online

Even if a trader was tracking this, the time taken to analyze market trends and execute trades would cause a significant price differential. Another problem that is not obvious to beginners is the human factor. A trader cannot be in a focused state 24 hours a day. He needs to rest or simply enjoy a cup of coffee. And at that moment, he may miss important information or a jump in the cryptocurrency market. How do you solve such a dilemma? As a trader, you want to execute your trades at the right moment of your choosing without missing an opportunity.

Crypto Trading Challengers

The Solution to Crypto Trading Challenges

Software-based, professional automated trading platforms can help you automate your trades. Instead of manually monitoring your asset prices and exposing yourself to human errors while trading, you can focus on your trading strategies.

What Can a Trading Software Do?

A trading software lets you enter the specific conditions under which you want to trade. 

  • It keeps you alerted about the market changes;
  • It places the orders following your conditions;
  • It books profits when your security reaches a high or limits your losses.

You have bots at your disposal that are ready to follow your trading orders. All you need to do is tell the favorable conditions (time/price/quantity) under which you want to initiate your trade, and you’re done.

Trading View

What Can’t Trading Software Do?

It is a common misconception that trading bots can automate everything, including decision-making. In reality, for all their diligence, bots cannot think and devise foolproof trading strategies, no matter what they claim. There is no clear winner in the automated trading versus manual trading debate, as successful traders employ both.

We strongly recommend utilizing automated trading bots for purposes they’re meant for, i.e. executing trades instantly when a set of predefined conditions are met. Once configured, bots can keep an eye on crypto markets around the world and trigger trades the very second its corresponding conditions are met.

Trading Software

Obolon9: Combining Automated Trading With Manual Decision-Making

Obolon9 offers a trader a set of seven script-based trading tools (plus a customizable script) through an automated trading desk. By combining the flexibility of manual trading with the diligence and accuracy of programmed bots, it integrates the best of both worlds.

Here are the ways in which Obolon9 elevates your trading experience:

  1. Continuous market monitoring – It can watch the crypto trading markets 24/7/365, tirelessly keeping a hawk’s eye on the assets you want it to track. You can now take those elusive breaks from your trading terminals, fully trusting your bots.
  2. Rule-based trade triggers – Obolon9 closely watches market events and alerts you when certain conditions are met. It can also place orders on its own, although you have full control in defining the boundary conditions as well as the rules that trigger an order.
  3. Executing complex scenarios – What sets Obolon9 apart from other trading platforms is the ability to handle complex scenarios. Most trading platforms offer a limited set of order types, such as limit order, market order, stop-loss limit order, aftermarket order, cover order, trailing order, etc. In addition to facilitating all the standard order types, Obolon9 is capable of handling complex scenarios derived by combining multiple parameters.

Once you are on the platform, the sophistication of scenarios is limited only by your imagination—if you can conceive it, there is a good chance Obolon9 can execute it!

Trading Experience

What Script Types Does Obolon9 Offer?

Whether you are a beginner looking for pre-configured strategies or an expert looking at developing your own complex bots, Obolon9 has something for everyone.

The eight ready-to-use scripts can be classified into two categories: alerting-only scenarios (three) and alerting-and-trading scenarios (five). Any strategy can be configured for alerts-only, which will notify you of favorable conditions, leaving the final trading decision to you.

Alerting scenario

These scenarios scout the market around the clock and identify patterns and prices. The moment they find a match, the trader gets a notification basis from which he/she can place an order.

Obolon9 offers the following three alerting scripts:

  1. Candle pattern detector – This is one of the most reliable tools used by traders for decades, and it is ideal for beginners to get started. It notifies you to place your orders the moment a candlestick pattern is identified for the asset under watch.
  2. Close price alert – This delivers closing prices directly to you. You no longer need to track closing prices at the closure of trading sessions. Rather, the prices are delivered straight to your inbox or as an app notification to your mobile phone.
  3. Range prices alert – If you want to know when an asset is trading in a specific price range, range prices alert will do the job for you.

Trading scenario

These are advanced scripts that not only alert you when trading conditions are met but also place orders on your behalf. Obolon9 offers four ready-to-use trading scenarios, in addition to a customized one for complex trades.

  1. Conditional market order – A conditional market order lets you set order triggers for assets based on their price movements. These can be interlinked to one another to form chain algorithms that watch the market and execute a series of orders the moment all defined conditions are met.
  2. Basic trading scenario – One of the simplest forms of trade alerts, a basic trading scenario lets you automate trades based on the price and/or volume of the stock you are watching.
  3. Basic trading scenario with safety orders – This adds a safety net to the basic trading scenario. A trader can prepare the bot to handle market conditions after the basic trading scenario parameters are met. Used carefully, this feature lets a trader maximize his/her gains and minimize losses to make the most of whichever way the prices move.
  4. Horizontal channel trading – Also known as sideways trading, this script is useful when a trader wants to trigger an order when an asset’s price has been within a particular range for quite some time.
  5. Custom script – This is meant for advanced users who want to create their own script derived from one or more built-in alerts. If the pre-programmed bots do not meet your expectations, you can build a bot on your own to suit your specific needs — it can deliver anything you program it to.

Trading Bot

Creating Your First Bot on the Obolon9 Platform

Creating a bot is a difficult exercise restricted to ace programmers, but Obolon9 has a user-friendly interface that will guide you to your first bot in no time. As long as you are sure about your assets and trading platforms, your first bot will be up and running in no time.

Here is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide about creating your first bot:

  1. Name your bot: preferably choose a name that reflects its associated asset and purpose.
  2. Choose a trading strategy your bot will follow. It can be one of the seven ready-to-use scripts, your customized one, or an import from TradingView, the social network of 15 million traders and investors from all over the world who use the best analytics, charts, and traders’ tools to follow the global cryptomarkets.
  3. Select a trading platform and crypto asset.
  4. If it is a trading/transactional bot, you need to choose your API keys provided by the corresponding trade platform. It is advised to update your profile with your API keys. API keys are not required if you are creating an alert bot that is not supposed to execute orders.
  5. Set the time interval (in minutes) during which your bot needs to be operational.
  6. Populate the script with the rest of the asset parameters you want to monitor. Your bot will trigger alerts/trades only when these parameters are favorable.
  7. You are all done now; just click “Save and Run,” and you are good to go.

Crypto Trading Bot

Obolon9 Subscription Plans

The platform is free to use for 30 days of the basic usage. Once you register, you can use any of the existing scripts or create your own alerts. If you like the platform but are still not sure about subscribing to it, the free plan lets you create one bot with full functionality. However, it will be switched off after two weeks. During this period, a trader may try this platform to make the right decision.

There are monthly (GBP 9.99) and annual (GBP 99.9) subscriptions available in monthly payments. The monthly plan is a good option to get a taste of the platform’s full functionality. However, if you are a serious trader or want to become one, the annual plan is a valuable option that will pay off in no time.


Technology can straighten out many operational complexities crypto traders face day and night. A thoughtfully architectured and automated trading desk with advanced functions not only helps monitor the market around the clock but also keeps you a step ahead of the competition. In a highly fluctuating crypto-asset market where timing is everything, a top trader’s decision-making and technology-supported execution is a winning combination.

So, if you are trading cryptocurrencies and thinking about practical and affordable tools, head over to the Obolon9 platform, configure your bots, and set them in action while you think of your next trading strategy over a cup of coffee.

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